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Institutional Export

It is open that foreign trade companies are responsible to their own country,customers and also suppliers.So,Doğrular Metal Goods Company has a great mission with the unit of foreign trade department and experienced staff as one of the first players in the international business of this industrial sector.
Doğrular,which collect information from world markets and then analyse them ,and guide to manufacturing sector for their new design products to the target markets.Doğrular has been increasing power on this market creating new , elegant and pleasant design products in resent days.
The mission of Doğrular is not only to export its goods to the countries in different regions,but also to invest at big Projects inland and out of the country.In this way,the company gives a reply to the unstable market conditions ant the golden opportunities .
Doğrular has been working to be a game planner in the pitch, instead of sitting in the tribune, and determined to carry out its actions.